Zazaza Pizza

Atmosphere: Causal yet imaginative dining
Food You Must Try: California Caprese and Crazy Horse

Small location with a big taste, ZaZaZa Pizza with Pizazz took our mouths by storm by serving up some of the most innovative and delicious thin crust pizza we have ever had. Now, with first impressions the garage door, mix of sofa chairs and showbiz decor threw us off guard a bit, but once we were seated and had ordered we knew we had picked a great location.  

California Caprese Pizza
Made with a titillating pesto sauce, sliced tomato, bocconcini, fresh basil, avocado and a balsamic drizzle, this pizza tastes even better than it sounds. The subtle flavors of the fresh vegetables contrast the acidity of the balsamic reduction, making it easily one of the best pizzas on their menu.

Crazy Horse Pizza
Another one of the best gourmet pizza's on the menu would be the Crazy Horse, and why? Well with amalgamation of pesto oil with wilted spinach, mozzarella cheese, sauteed mushrooms, pieces of chicken, caramelized onions, pine nuts, and the savory goat cheese speaks for itself. With the combination of these flavors baked on top of the beautifully cooked thin crust dough makes every bite better than the last. ‚Äč

Our tip to you: we recommend looking at the menu ahead of time to get a good idea of what exactly they have. Also try something made with pesto rather than tomato sauce, they seem to be the better choice when it comes to something different and more delicious. 

Oh and maybe try not to go on the hottest evening of the summer, they lack air conditioning.

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