Union Local 613

Atmosphere: Rustic Southern Grunge
Food you must try: Cornbread & Bourbon Brown Butter & any main dish!

Going back to the culinary roots of the South, Union Local 613 is delivering on their promise as "growers, cookers, and eaters" to dish out some of the most delicious and intricate Southern classics with a Canadian twist.  

Located between Bank street and O'Connor this restaurant commits to the true heart of the South by providing the ultimate means of what Southern hospitality really is. Keeping a few fan favorites, their menu is constantly changing, but with everything they serve one can expect their dishes to be complex, inventive and loaded with spectacular flavours and spices.


Firry Tub
With every juice and pop made by scratch Union Local 613 rotates their booze menu frequently to serve up some refreshingly satisfying cocktails. One of these thirst-quenching concoctions was the 'Firry Tub'. Served in a glass that looked like a pail this drink comes with bombay sapphire gin, balsam fir syrup, muddled lime and mint. And although there was a ton of ice in it, this cocktail was one quite invigorating.


The Sam Malone 
Fresher than your average margarita the Sam Malone is a power house when it comes to tequila with a kick. Mixed with cazadores anejo tequila, pineapple-jalapeno syrup, lime juice, salt this cocktail looks small in its short mason jar glass, but has a mighty punch.

Main Dishes

Cracker crusted Louisiana Catfish
Food is an adventure and if you don't take the risk to try something new, than you are not living. Putting my bold, foodie foot forward I decided I'd order the catfish as my main, and I was pleasantly surprised  Coated in a Ritz cracker crust with a pecan pureé and topped off with wilted frisee and lemon, this dish was a win. The fish was beautifully seared, with a nice crispy texture on the outside and flaky and moist inside. Coupled with the pecan pureé and the acidity from the lemon, the fresh piece of catfish really brought all the components of this dish together. 

Free Range and Southern Fried Chicken
Now coming to a Southern style restaurant it is only proper that we give the classic Southern fried chicken a try. Coated in crispy, flour crust the chicken was deliciously succulent and tender on the inside. However, what really put this dish over the top was the house hot sauce; with a dash on top of every bite made it hard not to finish every last piece. 

Charred Mirliton with Quinoa
For all of you leaf eaters out there who enjoy bold southern flavours and three types of quinoa, this dish has your name written all over it. Encapsulated in two charred halves of a mirliton, this course comes filled with a mixture of Southern spiced quinoa, sunflower seeds, and a plethora of grilled vegetables. Now, if that doesn't tingle your taste buds, it comes served on a savory roasted pepper pureé with a rich, smoked tofu ‘mayo’. 


Cheddar & Roasted Garlic Hominy Grits
Rich and creamy with ever bite you take, this full bodied bowl of grits went above and beyond our expectations. We definitely recommend giving this side a try, but if you're going in with a small appetite, you're probably going to need this dish to go! 

Cornbread & Bourbon Brown Butter
ALRIGHTY my friends! This is it. We have saved the BEST for last! Now we know what you're thinking, "a side was the best part?", well yes, yes it was,  for you see foodie friends, this was no ordinary side. Presented in a small cask iron skillet, this cornbread had a delightfully crisp bottom with a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth center that made your senses tickle with excitement. Now it's size is not to be taken for granted, for with such a rich and savory texture you get very full, quite fast. Having been one of the most mouth-watering, well-done cornbread we've ever had, it is without a doubt something we will be coming back for in the future! 

Coming to this restaurant was undeniably a great decision, with great food, amazing atmosphere, and a passionate staff it is clear that Union Local 613 takes homey Southern comfort to the next level.

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