The Whalesbone Oyster House

Atmosphere: Grungy, authentic close quarters
Food You Must Try: Everything, but the menu varies

Rustic, grungy, authentic, with an East Coast flare smack dab in the middle of Ottawa; this seafood shack rests between Bank street and Gladstone. The whole experience was one of fun, friendly service and great food all around with some fabulous company. Making a reservation a week prior, our expectations were high and so was our excitement as the day finally rolled around. Standing in the front of the restaurant, we gave the waitress our name and were seated at a small table next to a party of four. Now, talk about close quarters, we were almost bumping elbows with the table next to us, but that just enhanced the experience all around.

Starting off the night, we were served a fresh plate of bread, the food menu, and of course, the drink menu. With a refreshing glass of white Riesling in my palm and a glass of red in Brianne's, we were ready to satisfy our seafood hungry souls. 

Crispy Clam, Marinated Mussel, and Smoked Oyster Trio
This appetizer is how you start off a fabulous food adventure- with a trifecta of seafood perfection. The first one we grabbed off the ice mountain were the crispy clams that were fried to a golden brown and topped with house tartar sauce. With a refreshingly light, pungent flavour, the tangy tartar sauce lifted the clams to another level of deliciousness. Next to feel the wrath of our seafood forks were the marinated mussels. Laying in a bath of spicy lime brine, these tasty morsels danced along our tongue, leaving us with a refreshed and refined kick of heat. Finally, topped with a silky creme fraiche, the oysters finished us off. Being drenched in a rich, smoky flavour, they melted in our mouth and tainted our tastebuds. With every bite, this dish came to please, tease, and makes your mouth water for more. 

Butter Poached Lobster Risotto 
For our main, Brianne and I had spilt the butter poached lobster risotto and every aspect of this entree was on point; the flavours, the texture, and presentation brought both delight to the eyes as well as the senses. The risotto was cooked elegantly; it was both creamy and savoury with a hint of cheesy goodness in every bite. Topped with watercress, peas, and a large portion of lobster, we combined each element on our fork to enjoy in every mouthful. With each component of the dish, there was a creation of complex flavours that emanated both sophistication and refinement. We highly recommend this dish!

Banana Cream Pie in a Jar
If you’ve never had an orgasm in your mouth, be prepared to have your tastebuds climax with every spoonful of The Whalesbone’s banana cream pie. This was the most beautiful, decedent, and luscious creation that has ever passed our lips. Dipping the tip of the spoon in and diving to the bottom, we found ourselves immersed in mouth magic. Starting from the bottom of the jar was a warm graham cracker crust laced with hints of brown sugar butter. Working our way up the mosaic in a jar, we were greeted with a velvety smooth banana cream filling, with a slice of banana perched on top. To finish off our palates was the most amazing salted caramel sauce plated below the jar itself. By the end of this final course it was almost depressing that we finished the whole thing, we could eaten that for weeks.

If you’re looking for great seafood, a loud atmosphere, and some fantastic service, we highly recommend coming here! But make sure you make your reservation ahead of time!

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