Atmosphere: Cozy and Artsy Hipster Cafe
Food You Must Try: Margherita Panini, Smoked Trout Panini, and their waffle brunch on the weekend!

Fall weather is upon us Ottawa, that miserable cold time where the wind picks up, messes up your hair, and scatters leaves fall all over the place. Yes, when it comes to this gross weather I am a pessimist because right after fall is winter, and lord knows I do not handle cold well. Brianne on the other hand enjoys it very much for her favourite holiday is right around the corner; Christmas. Looking on the bright side though, what better way to escape the cold than to indulge in the deliciousness that comes with this weather- fall drinks and sandwiches!

Just a skip and a hop down from Bank street on Gladstone lies Pressed, the fantastic little cafe/bakery/sandwich shop. Strolling inside, our eyes were attacked by what I’d call ‘the most random of things’…seriously, there were masks, pieces of art, and some decor I would not have expected to see. Also, the benches for the seating area were (I’m pretty sure), church pews, but honestly I think every random bit just added to the overall atmosphere of the place.  Walking up to the counter, we took our time looking over the menu and asked the gentleman who worked there a few questions before ordering. He was a bit unusual, but he was none the less helpful in our panini picking process, and by the last bite we were satisfied with our choices. NOW on to the food!

Side Note: All sandwiches that are made come with house-made sweet potato chips and a spicy pickled bean on the side! We could of definitely used more of those sweet potato chips; they were fresh, crisp, and delicately seasoned to a tee.

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Latte
Yes, it does sound as good as it tastes! If you are looking for a wonderfully rich, creamy, and steamy warm drink for this fall weather then look no further! This cup of heaven will have you saying "another round please"; but beware, you might just find yourself sipping these until closing time! :)

The Margherita Panini
Severed on crispy, fresh ciabatta bread was this beauty of a sandwich. Taking that first bite into the sandwich, your mouth is filled with such simple yet delicious flavours that when melded together they create a tastebud-masterpiece. Engulfed in a delicious smokey flavour, the tomato was bursting with sweet and savoury tones that hit every note perfectly on ones palate. Complimented by a fresh mozzarella, black olive tapenade, and herbaceous basil, this panini spoke volumes when it came to fresh and fantastic fall flavour.

Smoked Trout Panini 
Also served up on ciabatta bread was the smoked trout. This panini took each element it was comprised of to the next level by enhancing very natural, clean flavours. The trout was fantastic, it did not have an overbearing fishy taste, but rather embodied every essence of a bold smokey, taste. What put this sandwich over the top though was its amazingly fresh and creamy guacamole. Painted across each side of the bread, the guacamole oozed from all sides, leaving behind a few traces of this titillating dressing on the plate. Accompanied with an acidic lemon dill aioli, this sandwich was soaked in savoury components that made my heart happy, and my stomach hungry for every last bite.


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