Oh So Good

Atmosphere: Fun and colourful with a hipster-esque vibe
Things to try: Depends what you like, but they pretty much have every dessert imaginable!

They might need to change their name to ‘Oh So Fantastically Delicious’ because this place was awesome! Sitting in the Byward Market on York street lies Oh So Good Desserts and Coffee House, with goodies and warm drinks all around. Walking in, our first reaction was ‘wow, look how big this place is’. From the outside it looks itty bitty, but just opening the door, the place stretches quite far leaving lots of room to sit and enjoy some great desserts. Also, the decor of the place is really neat; not only is there a super cool mural on the wall, but like many places in Ottawa, they were displaying art made by a local artist that you can buy. Thus, the art is continuously changing to create a different experience every time. 

Now, ordering what you want is probably one of the more difficult things to do because there are so many different kinds of cakes, squares, pies…literally every dessert under the sun you could imagine. After trailing along the display case like a hungry school of fish, we finally made up our minds and ordered two pieces of cake.

Carmel Pecan Cheesecake
Served with a light, airy whipped cream this dessert was a knock out of the park and definitely an Oh So Good moment. Starting from the bottom, there was a perfectly baked layer of graham cracker crust that crumbled oh so perfectly with every forkful. In the middle was a super rich cheesecake that melted in your mouth. The cheesecake was crowned with pecans and a dreamy carmel and chocolate sauce. Together each element of this cheesecake worked so perfectly. The texture was brilliant and it is without a doubt one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had in a while. Just a tip though, if you’re going to go with the cheesecake do go at it alone! Find yourself a fork friend or you might be finding yourself getting it wrapped to go…but then again that’s not always a bad thing right?

Chocolate Raspberry Cake
The Chocolate Raspberry cake was one that Brianne ordered and again it was plated with a fresh whipped cream, chocolate and raspberry sauce. The cake was topped with a delectably thick chocolate frosting that brought joy to ones tastebuds in every forkful. With a silky chocolate ganache, whipped cream, and hints of raspberry between each layer, this dessert was well put together. The cake itself was super moist, very rich in chocolate flavours and mouthwatering with every bite. The only critic would be to have fresh raspberries on the plate as well with the sauces on the side; it would put this dish over the top. 

All in all, I need to head back to Oh So Good because not only is their selection massive for desserts, but this place will literally hit your sweet spot. The service is quick, and you have to order and pay before you get your delicious desserts. Make yourself feel good in all the right places and go to Oh So Good! Another tip: bring your significant other, they will tell all their friends you are the most romantic and best partner ever!

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