Flapjack's Pancake Shack 

Atmosphere: Rustic, Back-Woods 

Things to try: Savoury Panwiches and everything else that is buttermilky goodness

Tucked away on Bank Street is the sugar shack inspired flapjacks flipping food truck that is giving people a new perspective on pancakes. Now, for all of you out there who are scared to embrace the food truck culture, or have never had a chance to, today is a new day! Flapjack’s Pancake Shack is an interesting little spot that sits among condos, restaurants, and urban street art that decorates its ally wall. Walking off the main drag, I entered an entirely different realm of the city. With their solid stump seats and wooden picnic tables, Flapjack’s has transformed this little courtyard to encapsulate the very rustic, backwoods of Canada feel. Furthermore, on top of their picturesque atmosphere, I need to give kudos to the amazing food that’s flying out of their truck window. 

If you didn’t know, Flapjack’s is making some of the best pancakes in the city and has changed the way breakfast is being served. On their menu, a customer can choose between several options to make personalized, customized stacks of buttermilk goodness. However, for me personally, I like to try the items that have been put together purposely by the chefs themselves. In this way, I get to understand what works when melded between two delicious pancakes and why people come back for more! After going not once, but twice in a row, I ordered myself two of the different ‘panwiches’ and was successfully satisfied!
The JIMBERRR! Watson
Starting off this fantastic food adventure I wanted to try something savoury, and anything in sandwich form is a thumbs up for me. Getting up to the menu I immediately start sifting through the panwiches—landing my eye on the first one. With double smoked bacon, gouda cheese, and an egg nestled between two original buttermilk pancakes, this sounded like something I had to devour. After about a 6 minute wait, the window slid open and the order was up. I grabbed my little white box with great anticipation, sat down on a tree stump chair and opened it up. Taking the first bite was exceptional! The two buttermilk pancakes were cooked to a perfect golden brown and worked surprisingly well as ‘bread’. The egg was still a tiny bit running inside, which was superb, and the double smoked bacon was crispy but not overdone. The gouda cheese was the pièce de résistance, adding a that last bit of melted savoury goodness creating a well balanced sandwich. Mixing each element—the egg, cheese, and bacon on two fluffy, hot buttermilky pancakes just made my mouth water and want more. The sandwich overall was not as big as I thought it was going to be, but it was the perfect size. Anything bigger could potentially be a big floppy pancake mess. 

The Campfire
Coming back the next day I thought I’d give the sweeter side of Flapjack’s panwiches a go. This time I chose to order the ‘Campfire’ which consisted of mini marshmallows and Nutella between two graham cracker pancakes. Now, I was not as impressed with this one as I was with the first, but it was still pretty awesome. The graham cracker pancakes were great, they were piping hot and uber fluffy. What had fallen short for me personally was the graham cracker flavour; it was hard find the great honey baked essence that is a graham cracker. Also, the marshmallows and nutella were just globbed in the middle and not evenly spread throughout…but I guess you could say I saved the best for last! It was great to get sticky and messy with food once in a while (in the best way possible of course). 

The whole excursion was a memorable one. From the rustic furniture in the great outdoors to the hands on experience you face when chowing down on Flapjack’s finest. I thought the concept was immensely unique and the food was phenomenal. I would also highly recommend this to everyone with two feet and a heartbeat looking for a fantastic new place to try! Rain, sleet, snow or hail these boys are killing it with pancakes!

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